Behind The Brand

Hi! I'm Nicole

Founder of Anima Mea and creator behind the pieces you see here.

For as long as I can remember, embracing and exploring personal style has been a huge part of my identity. I'm that friend who is always on-call for a last minute outfit consultation and actually enjoys spending hours scouring the internet for options to help you nail down your perfect look for an occasion.

Anima Mea started as a hobby, serving as a creative outlet for me to play dress up with friends. Before I knew it, I had transformed an extra bedroom at my Mom's house into a full-blown workshop. Anima Mea evolved from a hobby to a brand and I ditched my corporate career to promote my part-time passion to full-time company.

As someone who winces at the thought of looking like "everyone else" but spends the majority of time in jeans and a white t-shirt, I rely {heavily} on the art of accessorizing to make me feel like... me. Because personal style is exactly that - personal - and the most distinguishing elements are always in the details.

My goal in creating Anima Mea, meaning "my soul" in Latin, was to design high quality, affordable pieces that when worn, allow your personal style to shine.

I like to say that confidence is the only accessory you can't buy, and my hope is that Anima Mea gives you that because your style should be as unique as you are.

Just do me a favor...


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