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Anima Mea

Lainey Connector Earring

Lainey Connector Earring

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Look elegant and fashionable with the Lainey Single Side Connector Stud Earring. Our Lainey Connector Earring is an enhanced spin on our classic Eloise Earrings. Think of Lainey as the more maximalist sister of Eloise...a little extra but connected, nonetheless.

The three stone, bezel-set earrings are adorned with a detachable chain connector, bridging the two studs and taking your earring stack to the next level! This single side connector earring requires two piercings on the ear. Simply detach the chain connector to separate the earrings and style!

Have double piercing on both ears? Double up on your Lainey Connector Earrings for a fashionable finish on each side!

Sold as single item (two stud earrings, one chain connector). 

Measures approximately 0.5" in length. sold as a set 

Materials & Dimensions: 4x6mm stud earrings. 14k gold plated brass. Cubic zirconia stones. 

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